Friday, 14 September 2018

How to Istall TWRP Recovery And Root Xiaomi Mi A1 | 100% Working Method

Many users out there are facing problems Rooting. So here the complete steps to root M A1 without facing any problem.
Disclaimer: I'll not be responsible for bricked devices, Do at your own risk. Make a backup of all your data including msg, contacts files, images etc.

Advantages of Flashing ROM

  1. Explore and Browse Android Mobile Root Directory
  2. Remove Bloatware Android Apps
  3. Overclock your Android Mobile Processor
  4. Backup Your Android Phone from Bit to Byte
  5. Install Custom ROM
  6. Customize and Tweak Everything in Android Phone.

Download Tools

  1. Download and install Universal ADB Driver
  2. Download ADB FILES
  3. Download TWRP Recovery
  4. Download (7.7 MB) (Don’t unzip it)
  5. Download (12.4 MB)  (Don’t unzip it)
  6. Download MagiskManager-v5.4.0.Apk (2.2 MB)

File Preparation

  1. Install the ADB Driver in your PC and reboot it
  2. Unzip and you will get ADB Folder
  3. Now copy paste the twrp.img inside the ADB Folder 

Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking on MI A1:

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Click 7 times Continuously on Build Number. This will enable Developer Option.
  2. Now, Get back to Settings. Go to Developer options, From the options Enable USB Debugging.
  3. Again Go to Settings > Developer options > Enable OEM Unlock.

Unlock Bootloader of Mi A1

  1. Mi A1 can be unlocked through a command line.
  2. First switch off your phone.
  3. Press the Volume-key and the power button at the same time to enter Fastboot Mode
  4. Now connect your phone to PC/Laptop via a USB Type-C cable.
  5. Now open the command prompt in windows by searching cmd
  6. Type this at a command prompt : fastboot OEM unlock
  7. Now your Xiaomi Mi A1 bootloader has been unlocked.

Install TWRP Recovery and Root

  1. First Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable and transfer the and Magisk Manager APK file to the phone’s internal storage.
  2. Disconnect the phone and power it off.
  3. Boot your device into Fastboot mode using Power on + Volume down button.
  4. Connect your phone to the computer using USB Cable.
  5. Open the folder where you have placed the twrp recovery.
  6. We will boot into twrp recovery then will flash flashable twrp recovery which will install TWRP Recovery permanently on your device.
  7. Now Open Command Window on the computer. Quickly open Command Window by Pressing right click of the mouse along with holding the shift key.
  8. In Command Window, Type the following code fastboot boot twrp.img to boot into TWRP Recovery Interface.
  9. Within few seconds you will be in the TWRP Recovery interface now.
  10. Swipe to allow modification
  11. Tap on install and browse TWRP installer zip file and flash it.
  12. Once the flashing completed, just tap on back and come to main menu of TWRP
  13. Tap on Reboot and select Slot B
  14. Again to back to main menu of TWRP
  15. Tap on Reboot and select Bootloader and tap on Do not install
  16. It will boot into fastboot mode
  17. Again execute the same command to boot TWRP
  18. so run this command fastboot boot twrp.img (Make sure twrp.img file is present in the ADB folder like I have done in the above)
  19. Your phone again boot into TWRP Mode. Swipe to allow modification
  20. Tap on install in TWRP and browse TWRP installer zip file and swipe flash it.
  21. Now you have successfully installed TWRP recovery
  22. Now tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  23. Navigate the internal storage and select the file. Finally, swipe the button on the screen to install.
  24. When the flashing process is finished, hit ‘Reboot System’
  25. It will boot into Android mode. (It may take some time)
  26. Install Magisk Manager APK file
  27. Now you have successfully rooted Xiaomi Mi A1
  28. Install Root Checker and check whether Xiaomi Mi A1 has been rooted or not.

Hope you guys like this guide, if you are facing some problem with this method then leave the comments below and we will help you to fix it up.
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